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giving a high quality product a well deserved brand.

Vander Millworks is a Pacific North Western master of creating beautiful things. With a small team of expert carpenters, VM builds cabinets for your life.

After high-fives and handshakes we set out on a journey to make VM's brand shine as bright as the polished wood used in their products. To kick things off we built a logo with a symmetric identity to complement the measured and geometric shaped products. 

 All of VM's work is 100% custom. A special feature, but one that makes it tricky for prospective clients to visualize themselves in their future dream kitchen. We helped bridge the gap from concept to reality by staging a photo shoot in one of VM's kitchens.

 Over 27 million business cards are printed globally each day. Most of these are discarded (no pun intended) soon after being distributed. To beat the competitive world of boring business cards we decided to spice up VM's first impression with a card made of real wood.

The end result of our work with Vander Millworks is a timeless brand identity that matches the life-time reality of the cabinets they take pride in.

  The guys at VM are nice, but having strangers in your home can put you on edge. After all, the kitchen is a personal space. To smooth out the rough edges of carpentry-life we gave the guys at VM a wardrobe upgrade.